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Healer pheno 🌱

This pheno has such jagged leafs and gangly structure, it looks more like a tomato plant. Looks way different from my two other healer phenos
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Romulan in Bloom 🌱

Sun grown beauties in organic living soil 💚
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Keep up the #IPM when Outdoor!

When growing outdoor, nature is always throwing curve balls. I’ve seen little grasshoppers, aphids, powdery mildew, moths/caterpillars...and that’s just in the past few weeks. I’m using #Tweetmint and #Grandevo sprays all the way through harvest, as well as using #beneficialinsects. Gotta stay on top of things!
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Early flower canopy

Here’s some shots of these plants reaching up toward the sun! They blew through the roof and they’ve been stretching over the last couple of weeks or so 🙌
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Operation #Overgrow Greenhouse 2020

The #StrawberryFields blew off the roof of the greenhouse, clocking in at around 9 feet tall. #Tangieland is closer to 7 ft, and the others (#Romulan and #HealerDragonflyEarthMedicine) are filling out the rest of the space. . At this point most of the plants are 1wk to 2wks into flower. The Romulan was first to go. . This is #organiccannabis grown in the sun with #wormcastings, #compost, #downtoearthfertillizers dry amendments. Plus aquarium water from my wife’s fish hobby 🙌
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July 23rd Transition to Flower 🙃

Wow, looks like it’s time to start flowering! The #Romulan is throwing tons of pistils and it looks as though several of the others are as well. Hope you’re all having a great day🙌
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Nothing like getting an Oz delivered

I’m not the biggest fan of most of California’s cannabis laws, but I am glad that we have home delivery here in NorCal. Something so awesome about paying a dude cash outside my house and him handing me an Oz of weed 💚
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Do you even lift, bro? 💪

I love fat bottom girls, they make the rockin world go round 🎶

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