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Smoking a pre roll on the go

Bought a few pre-rolls in downtown SF while I was hanging out tonight. Picked up a Kosher Kush joint from Santa Cruz Veteran’s Alliance that was a nice happy hour smoke. Right now I’m smoking some indoor “Red Congolese” which the bud tender said is a racey sativa. We will see! I’m about to take a long subway ride home so we will see how trippy it gets! #smokeweedeveryday #smokeweedallday #SanFrancisco
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Wake & Bake Saturday in the cold

Got the OSU vs Michigan game on the TV and I’m enjoying some #Tangie this morning. Have a great day today! #wakeandbake
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Wake & Bake on Black Friday

Happy Friday! Hope you’re all doing well. I picked up some new genetics in the @SeedsHereNow sale - #Tangieland and #StrawberryFields , both by Crockett Family Farms. I also picked up another pack of #DrWhoStrain by @homegrownnaturalwonders. Don’t forget to support your local small businesses this weekend✌️ #growerslove #wakeandbake #smokeweedeveryday
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Wake & Bake in the Greenhouse

We had our first winter rain last night. I came out to the greenhouse to check how it’s holding up. So far, so good! I put a new sheet of plastic on the roof this week to help give it more resiliency + more waterproofing. The bamboo roof still has some pockets where water collects but it’s manageable. Next year I think I’ll probably grow three large plants in the ground in the greenhouse. Maybe I’ll mess with #autoflowers in the Spring and then maybe space them between the big plants in the fall? Could be a fun experiment. Hope you everyone has a great day! #growerslove

Strain recs - Forbidden Fruit

Anyone have any recommendations for a strain that is similar to Forbidden Fruit? Prefer seeds that I can find on @SeedsHereNow or something similar. I love the effects of #ForbiddenFruit but I can’t seem to find the strain in seed form. Would love to find something that has some OG or GDP in it 🙌 #growfromseed #seeds
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Greenhouse prep for Winter & 2020

Decided for next year that I’m going to grow straight into the ground. I built a raised bed using old cinderblocks and reusing the soil from all of this season’s pots. Those all had a bunch of great beneficial insects & worms, I’m hopeful that they will stick around and help kick this bed off with a bang. I will be adding compost & other amendments before I grow next season. I’ll be starting an indoor grow soon. I’m planning to buy some seeds off of @SeedsHereNow during their Black Friday sale. Any recommendations for a good OG-like strain, or *preferably* something like #ForbiddenFruit ? I’d love some recommendations. Cheers all! #growerslove #outdoorsungrownbeauties #greenhousegrown #greenhouse
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Wake & Bake!

Have a great day, all 💚 #growerslove #cannabiscommunity #wakeandbake #smokeweedeveryday

Corporate cannabis takes a hit

Medmen downsizing. This article is a good way to catch up on what their business looks like. https://seekingalpha.com/article/4308440-medmen-downsizing
MedMen: Downsizing
MedMen runs great cannabis stores. But extravagant spending has put the company in a deep financial hole, with about $223 million of debt. MedMen has announced
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The Coalition Taste of Harvest 2019

Yesterday I drove up north to the Humboldt Triangle, Mendocino county to be specific. The triangle is the area in NorCal where most of the US/World’s outdoor cannabis has come from for the past 30-40 years. In the 70s, the homesteading hippies moved north from the SF Bay Area. These families are the true small business owners and farmers that built the cannabis industry of today. But unfortunately they’re under hard times, due to out of control California regulations & taxes that have made cannabis an almost unsustainable business to be in. These farmers are coming together, discussing ways that they can help preserve their way of life. Preserving the family life of living on your farm and growing beautiful and organic outdoor cannabis in the northern California mountains and hills. They’re forming a coalition. The farming coalition is in the infancy stages of discussions but the high level details are clear - cannabis farmers can come together and use their collective bargaining power to form a Farmer’s Union. To create legal & social change statewide and nationwide. I’m inspired by their stories. They show that while yes, we have legalized cannabis, we still have a long way to go to build a sustainable ecosystem that empowers small businesses & creates economic opportunity for everyone impacted by the failed War on Drugs. We still have a long way to go. The state regulations in place created licensing fees in the hundreds of thousands + taxes as high as 30-40% for the end consumer. The result is a thriving illicit/“traditional” market, with a failing Legal market that has high prices. We can create a sustainable and loving cannabis industry that heals patients and creates economic opportunity for everyone. We have to fight for it on a local, state, and national level Thanks for listening ✌️#FaceTheGiant #growerslove

Ideas for Bloom Booster interviews?

Hey everyone! I’m working on a list of folks that I’d like to interview for the Bloom Booster podcast. Do you have any suggestions? I’m interested in interviewing people that have built a cannabis company or cannabis brand/YouTube/podcast/whatever! I’m interested in the stories behind the “over night success” and diving into the insights that are building the future of the cannabis industry. Any suggestions for interesting & kickass people would be appreciated 🤘
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Wednesday night in SF

Came into San Francisco today for work. Hanging out tonight for a bit in North Beach. Brought a jar of my #DrWho so I can roll on the go #smokeweedeveryday #smokeweedallday
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Happy Halloween!!

Getting ready for the Trick or Treaters tonight. Lighting one up before it gets started ✌️ #cannabiscommunity #halloweed
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Potency Report from Outdoor 2k19

Strain Test Report: #Tangie - 24.4% THC #WillyGCBD - 8.9% THC - 13.1% CBD #TardisStrain - 17.5% THC - 5.2% CBD #drwhostrain - 23.9% THC All organic! Stuff I used: #mammothmicrobes #mammothp & #realgrowersrecharge microbes, #BuildASoil nutrient & mineral mix, #Tweetmint, @opticfoliar Overgrow #opticfoliar, BuildASoil #BuildABloom. #outdoorsungrownbeauties #organiccannabis

What to do w/seeds from outdoor

Hey all - as I have been smoking my outdoor crop, I come across a seed every once in awhile. Some of them are fully formed and seem viable. I’ve got no idea how they were seeded, so I don’t know what the pollen/male was.... What should I do with the seeds? Should I grow them or just pitch them?
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Tangie wake & bake ✌️

Enjoying some #Tangie this morning. Hope you all are well #wakeandbake #smokeweedeveryday

Tainted Vape Carts found in CA

Leafly tested a bunch of carts and found some bad stuff. Please don’t buy Vape carts if you don’t know what’s in it - make sure it has been tested! https://www.leafly.com/news/health/tainted-vape-pens-sold-in-illegal-california-stores
Tainted vape pens selling 2-for-1 in illegal California stores
Leafly catches unlicensed Los Angeles shops selling THC vape carts with 5,475 times the allowable level of pesticide, amid 110 sick and three dead statewide.
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Trim Bag to the rescue

Got myself a #Trimbag to bail me out and help me crank thru my outdoor harvest. I’ve gotta clean up the drying room because it’s gotta be a bedroom tomorrow night! The Trim Bag is really cool, you just slosh around the buds in a circular movement and after a minute or so, you’re done! Still takes time to separate the buds from the stalk, but after that it’s just minutes between you and jarring! I’m not a trimming purist plus I don’t really have the time to trim right now. This is going to save me at least a couple of times a year 🤘 #cannabiscommunity #cannabisgrow #growyourownmedicine #sungrown #sungrowncannabis #californiacannabis

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