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420 Wake & Bake!

Smoking my first joint of 420 and chatting with you about today's announcements!
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Dad Grass on a Sunny Saturday

Smoking some #DadGrass joints that I picked up locally at a small shop. It’s Hemp CBD that clocks in at 12% CBD and under .3% THC Awesome find flower CBD joints out and at a small local business! How often do you smoke #CBD?
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Seth Rogen’s Diablo Wind strain

Went down to Berkeley today and picked up some #DiabloWind, a nice #JackHerer heavy strain that delivers a nice uplifting experience that’s good for productivity or hanging out. This is Seth Rogen’s #Houseplant weed company. The flower looks and...
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Reviewing Seth Rogen's Weed - LIVE!

Visited a dispensary in Berkeley and picked up some of Seth Rogen's new weed! This is his Diablo Wind strain, a cross of Jack Herer x G13 Haze @ 24.19% THC
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Live Multistream Test

Testing out streaming to CannaBuzz, Twitch, and YouTube at the same time.
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When the lightbulb went off

This moment is definitely a key point in the history of CannaBuzz. I was so frustrated that my favorite YouTubers and Instagrammers were getting deleted that I reached out to Leafly and asked them to cover the story. I didn't expect to be mentioned...
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YouTube Continues Its Cannabis Purge and Nobody Knows Why | Leafly
The world's largest video platform has been shutting down cannabis content while refusing to offer guidelines or to respond at all.

Good Morning!

https://www.marcrebillet.com/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/marcrebillet/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/marcrebillet/Twitter: https://twitter.com/m...
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Raised Garden Bed Update

Almost done! Now I’m placing plants and we’re going to top dress with an inch or two of compost. May also hit the nursery tomorrow or this weekend 😁
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A Purps Family Genelogy

The story behind some of your favorite Purple Strains! Enjoyed this new article on Leafly: leafly.com/...
Pleased as Purple Punch: A ‘Purps’ marijuana family genealogy | Leafly
Sweet, grape-flavored, sedative goodness makes the Purps family legendary. For 420’s 50th anniversary embrace GDP, Purple Punch, and more.
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Can CBD help w/Covid-19

Can CBD help fight some of the worst cases of Covid-19? Some interesting studies suggest CBD could have huge potential. I’ve screenshotted some of the highlights from the article, read the full piece here:...
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CBD is a promising treatment for one of the deadliest side effects of Covid-19
We still need better treatments for cytokine storms, and scientists are hopeful CBD may prove to be an option.

Koch Bros team up with Snoop Dogg

via Politico: politico.com/... The organization includes Americans for Prosperity, the political advocacy group founded by the Koch brothers; the Reason Foundation, a...
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Koch-backed group joins marijuana push after Zoom with Snoop Dogg
The Cannabis Freedom Alliance could change the dynamics of the marijuana legalization debate.
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New Raised Beds in Progress

Building a big L shaped raised garden bed in our front yard. Big thanks to @Girlygreen for all of the wood cutting and design skills. Can’t wait to get this thing filled with dirt and filled up with plants.

Senate plans cannabis bill “Soon”

Politico posted an interview with Chuck Schumer, majority leader of the US Senate. In the interview Schumer says he plans to push forward a cannabis legalization bill, challenging skeptics (potentially including President Biden) to listen to the...
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Schumer: Senate will act on marijuana legalization with or without Biden
The majority leader shared his plans for cannabis legislation with POLITICO in an exclusive interview.
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US Senate introducing Cannabis Decrim Bill Soon

The US Senate Majority Leader & the head of the Senate Judiciary Committee, alongside Senator Booker, have announced that they will soon be introducing a cannabis decimalization bill. They urge everyone to call your Senators and ask them to...
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Coming Soon: A Senate Bill To End Marijuana Criminalization - NORML
Forthcoming legislation in the US Senate would end federal marijuana prohibition. Send a message to your senators now in support of this effort!
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Police Trained to detect Impairment

Police in Auburn, Maine were recently trained to detect cannabis impairment. The news page has an interesting video where they showed some of the field sobriety tests they’re doing. They mention that tolerance level can have a big impact. Watch the...
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Police train to spot cannabis impairment
Officers learning specialized roadside tests to spot those too high to drive
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First step towards normal

Got my first shot! Can’t wait to get back to hanging out with everyone, especially cannabis events or hanging out at cannabis consumption lounges in SF 🙌 Note: Any negative comments will be deleted